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Scare your friends and family with this prank mirror! This fun app appears like a harmless mirror, but quickly errupts with a piercing scream and a zombie filled screen.  Make sure your  volume is turned up and watch THEM scream!

Choose a frame border, scream, scary image or choose your own to customize it! With the newest version, you can even select a fully customized time delay or set the scare to OFF if you want to use it as a regular video mirror.

For added fun, turn on the Record Reaction setting to record your friend's screaming reaction! These videos will be stored in your phone's Camera Roll to view at any time or to share with your friends. You can also Email them to us at and we'll publish them to our YouTube channel for everyone to view!

Use The Mirror to check yourself out, watch the people behind you or maybe check out the hot guy/girl at the table behind you at the bar... be creative and have fun!

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As seen on KSEE 24 News.

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